Your ‘hosting’ account is where your website ‘lives’, somewhere out there on a hard drive on the internet. Your website system, files and content are securely stored by a hosting company on a ‘server’ the delivers your website to a web user whenever someone wants to see your site.

You don’t need to know the technical details, but you need to need to make sure your hosting company meets the requirements below, as we have found many companies that do not meet the requirements to host the latest developments in WordPress websites.

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Self-Hosting Requirements

If you prefer to host your website yourself or use your current hosting company, you must ensure that the following requirements are met for your site to run with the latest versions of WordPress.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to ensure your hosting meets the requirements on this page. If we are unable to develop your website on your host, transfer your website from our test server to your host or make it work because your host does not support these requirements then we will not be held responsible and we will not refund your purchase price.

WordPress Server Requirements

  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

Any server that supports PHP and MySQL will work for WordPress, however recommends Apache or Nginx as the best option. Aside from this you are advised to avoid using Windows Servers.

If you are running a low budget hosting system you may still have some problems with WordPress sites even if the above requirements are met.

Your WordPress install requires adequate disc space for your site content and files with headroom to spare for future additional material and backups. There is no set size for this as it depends on the size of your website. If you are unsure of this requirement please get in touch.

You will also require sufficient memory, FTP access, at least one MySQL database, a control panel(CPanel ideally) to allow us to install and setup up your site correctly.

Please also consider your email account requirements are fully supported within your system.

Further requirements:

MySQL Version:
greater than or equal to 5.0
AddHandler in .htaccess:
host dependant
PHP Version:
greater than or equal to 5.2
PHP max_execution_time:
greater than or equal to 30 (seconds)
Zip Methods:
PHP Register Globals:
PHP Magic Quotes GPC:
PHP Magic Quotes Runtime:
PHP Safe Mode:
Operating System:
PHP Memory Limit:
greater than or equal to 128M