Premium WordPress Responsive Websites

Premium WordPress Responsive Websites

Why WordPress?

Because it’s the most highly used website platform online and for many good reasons.

  • Very stable platform
  • Constantly updated
  • Huge support network

  • Great flexibility
  • Mobile compatible
  • …and far more than we can mention here


What we can say is that we have built many WordPress multimedia websites for many satisfied clients each including a tested selection of essential, powerful and effective marketing, sales and conversion tools as you will see below.



With over 50% of all web searches now done on mobile it is essential that your website, content and integrated media are multi-device compatiable.

  • Responsive design delivers website on ‘all’ (99+%) desktop, tablet & mobile compatible devices to ensure you reach the maximum number of web users


Give customers easy direct access to contact you fast.

  • ‘Click to Call’ instant dial feature makes customer enquiries supereasy on any device
  • Premium Forms Generator to integrate any type of form you require, useable on any device
  • Google maps integration help customers find you with ease
  • Integration of Skype ‘click to connect / call’ makes client calls / enquires fast and easy
  • Feedback tab encourages user questions, comments & feedback to help improve your website & business




Active post, shares and comments boost your online visibility. We make it easy for you and your web visitors to do exactly that.

  • Links to your external social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Integration of Facebook & Twitter feeds: your social media updates & comments live on your site
  • Integration of YouTube video channel delivers your media always efficiently streamed from YouTube
  • Social Media shares made supereasy on every web page to maximize viral spread of your web content


The ‘traditional’ text based website is just one form of media, and there is massive reach and leverage in implementing simple audio and video content distribution through free global channels.

  • Integration of podcast playback, downloads & channel, linked to iTunes for automated distribution
  • Integration of Teleseminar system for live audio broadcasts, recording & audio playback
  • Eye Catching Slideshows



Successful business grow their client database to stay in touch and inform them of the latest news, deals, offers and products. We make it easy to capture customer data direct into an automatic mailing system.


  • Integration of sales lead / data capture ‘opt-in’ forms & autoresponder to grow client database
  • Responsive Video Player increases conversions with Optin form /’Call to Action’ inside YouTube video window


It is essential that you add new content frequently to your site for many reasons, the main one being that you will rank higher in search engines if they see you are an active site that is regularly updated.

This does not have to be time consuming or difficult. It can simply be that you add a new, short post with just a few lines, some relevant keywords and ideally an image too every few days.

With WordPress this can literally take 5 minutes.

  • WordPress ‘Blog’ section: publish latest content, special offers, events, newsletter archives & more
  • Graphics: 1) ecover graphics 2) video start frame for home page




What you keep track of automatically improves, so web usage stats and metrics provide essential information to help refine your marketing.

  • Google Analytics for Tracking Web Traffic shows how your visitors find & use your website
  • Quick site statistics visible in dashboard show daily visits, locations etc


Websites get hacked so it is essential to have up to date security alongside offsite backups to instantly replace any lost data should the worst occur (even the WhiteHouse got hacked!).

  • Full data & website backup / re-install system keeps your latest online content safe
  • WordPress Security Plugins protect from hacking attempts & alerts you (& us) to any problems




The only way customers find you through Google is with keywords – they type what they need and Google delivers the most relevant, up-to-date content. Search Engine Optimisation is key to your success.

  • SEO Plugin optimizes your website for search engines
  • Google site map increases recognition of your website by search engines


There are always little background tools and features that help make your website even more efficient, easy to use…and cooler!

  • Simple CMS plugin simplifies website management, backups and content creation
  • Rotating testimonials / ‘What People Say’ posted on sidebar / footer
  • Add Royalty Free Images direct into your blog posts (saves searching online)
  • Responsive Images optimiser plugin & coding ensures all images load fast & adapt to screen size of device

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